Literacy Services

Below is a list of adult literacy and numeracy services around Tasmania. Click on the map or scroll down to find contact details and links, as well as information about the types of services offered, who the services are intended for and who is eligible.

Launceston Community Legal Centre

The Launceston Community Legal Centre is a member of the National Association of Community Legal Centres, and provides assistance to people needing help in understanding the law.

Suite 17, Level 1
97a York Street
Launceston, TAS 7250

1800 066 019

(03) 6334 1577

Target group: Anyone in the community who is not sure of how the law affects them.
Eligibility: There is no income or asset test. The legal literacy program aims to assist anyone who asks for help.
Types of services provided: Legal literacy, including information and education on legal issues that impact people in their everyday lives.
Types of delivery: A network of local volunteer advocates is available to assist clients on a one to one basis. The advocates are not lawyers but receive ongoing training and support from Launceston Community Legal Centre solicitors.

Libraries Tasmania

LINC Tasmania provides free literacy and numeracy tuition throughout its network of libraries around the State. Get an overview of the services available, or select a location from the list below.

Target group: All Tasmanians 15 years and older requiring literacy learning support, except where indicated otherwise.
Eligibility: Priority is given to clients who have not achieved skill level 3 in one or more of the five core skills of learning, reading, writing, oral communication and numeracy (as identified by ACSF).
Types of services provided: Literacy coordinators work with trained volunteer literacy tutors to provide literacy learning support services and programmes that enable the ACSF core skills of learning, reading, writing, oral communication and numeracy. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) orspecific software may be used to support literacy learning.
Types of delivery: Service delivery is focused on the specific learning needs and goals of the individual and may include one to one, small group or contextualised support based around a particular activity such as obtaining a licence or working on a project.Skill development programmes designed to engage clients and support their literacy learning are also offered across the LINC Tasmania network.

Bridgewater Library

Green Point Road
Bridgewater, TAS 7030
(03) 6165 5446

Burnie Library

30 Alexander Street
Burnie, TAS 7320
(03) 6477 7400

Community Corrections North/North West

111 Cameron Street
Launceston, TAS 7250
(03) 6165 5516

Target group: Community corrections clients 15 years and older requiring literacy learning support

Community Corrections South

Highfield House
114 Bathurst Street
Hobart, TAS7000
6165 5516

Target group: Community corrections clients 15 years and older requiring literacy learning support

Deloraine Library

6 Emu Bay Road
Deloraine, TAS 7304
(03) 6701 2100

Devonport Library

21 Oldaker Street
Devonport, TAS7310(03) 6478 4230

George Town Community Hub

12 Elizabeth Street
George Town, TAS 7253(03) 6702 6090

Glenorchy Library

4 Terry Street
Glenorchy, TAS 7010
(03) 6165 5493

Hobart Library

1st Floor, 91 Murray Street
Hobart, TAS 7000
(03) 6165 5597

Huon Library

1 Skinner Drive
Huonville, TAS 7109
(03) 6121 7010

Kingston Library

11 Hutchins Street
Kingston, TAS7050
(03) 6165 6208

Launceston Library

71 Civic Square
Launceston, TAS 7250br
(03) 6777 2446

Risdon Library – Risdon Prison Complex

PO Box 24
Lindisfarne, TAS7015
(03) 6165 5516
Target group: Prison inmates 15 years and older who require literacy learning support

Rosny Library

Bligh Street
Rosny, TAS 7018
(03) 6165 6448

St Helens Library

61 Cecilia Street
St Helens, TAS 7216
(03) 6387 5530

Scottsdale Library

51 King Street
Scottsdale, TAS 7260 (03) 6778 8586

Smithton Library

134 – 140 Nelson Street
Smithton, TAS 7330
(03) 64789561

Sorell Library

25 Cole Street
Sorell, TAS 7172
(03) 6165 6452

West Coast Community Hub

9-13 Driffield Street
Queenstown, TAS7467
(03) 6495 1530

MAX Solutions

MAX Solutions offers free training in literacy and numeracy at several locations throughout Tasmania through their Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) programme.

Target group: Any job seeker needing to improve their literacy and numeracy skills in order to gain employment, including Aboriginal, migrant or refugee clients and early school leavers.

Types of services provided: The programme aims to improve eligible job seekers’ foundation skills, including employability skills, reading, writing, numeracy, oral communication, and learning strategies.

Types of delivery: SEE courses are taught in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. Learning is self-paced and guided by qualified and experienced staff.

South Tasmania

MAX Solutions   1800 021 560

TasTAFE   1300 676 937

North and North West Tasmania

MAX Solutions  1800 021 560

TasTAFE   1300 676 937

Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania

Everyday Literacy for Local Communities

The Everyday Literacy for Local Communities program supports people’s literacy development through a grants program that funds Neighbourhood Houses to implement literacy projects in their local communities. The Program has been funded by a grant from the Tasmanian Community Fund.

14A 113 Main Rd
Moonah, TAS 7009
(03) 6228 6515

Target group: People who have already identified or begun addressing their literacy needs.
Types of services provided: Literacy support
Types of delivery: A non-threatening entry into literacy training through practical projects that seamlessly build literacy into the process.


TasTAFE Literacy and Numeracy for Work and Training offers free literacy and numeracy training for people wishing to enter employment or commence study.

Alanvale Campus (North)

54a Alanvale Road
Newnham, TAS 7248
1300 655 307

Target group: This campus offers courses for students who are preparing for a vocational course or who are unsure of their career pathway. The courses aim to provide an opportunity for students to get to know what sort of learners they are and what career and study pathways may be available to them.

Bathurst Street Campus (South)

26 Bathurst Street
Hobart, TAS 7000
1300 655 307

Target group: This campus offers courses for people with a disability, as well as courses open to anyone needing help with reading, writing and maths.

Work & Training

Work & Training is a Group Employment Organisation (GTO), a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), a Recruitment service and an Online Training provider.

1 Bowen Rd
Moonah, TAS 7009
03 6214 5177 / 1300 309 675

Target groups: Literacy skills training is provided to employees, trainees, apprentices and jobseekers.
Eligibility: Clients with literacy skills at ACSF level 3 or below.
Types of services provided: Workplace language, literacy and numeracy including Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).
Types of delivery: All