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26TEN Tasmania strategy for adult literacy and numeracy26TEN: Tasmania’s strategy for adult literacy and numeracy 2016-2025

26TEN Tasmania is a long-term strategy for all Tasmanians who want to live in a state where all adults have the reading, writing, numeracy and communications skills they need for life.

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26TEN Action Plan26TEN: Action Plan October 2015 – October 2017

The 26TEN network was born out of the Tasmanian Adult Literacy Action Plan 2010-2015. 26TEN now sets out its goals in the Action Plan for 2015-2017:

  • Goal 1. Everyone knows about adult literacy and numeracy
  • Goal 2. Everyone is supported to improve their skills and to help others
  • Goal 3. Everyone communicates clearly

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TAs Action PlanDepartment of Education: Tasmanian Adult Literacy Action Plan 2010-2015

In 2010 David Bartlett, who was then Premier, launched the Tasmanian Adult Literacy Action Plan 2010-2015.

The Plan sets out actions in relation to three strategies for improving the literacy skills of Tasmanians:

  1. The establishment of an informal community and workplace network of adult literacy support.
  2. The establishment of a state-wide team of coordinators supported by a pool of trained volunteers to drive the Adult Literacy Network.
  3. The development of key indicators to measure improvements in adult literacy support and outcomes.

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