25 Stories

Written by learners and published as a resource for others to share on their learning journeys

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Adult Literacy and Basic Education (ALBE) Resources Unit in Devonport, Tasmania, published over 50 stories that had been written by learners as part of their literacy learning program. The writers were closely involved in the production of their stories, with the understanding that the resources would be made available for other learners, teachers and tutors. Since their initial publication there has been continuing interest in the stories, that contain relevant content and appropriate reading levels for adult learners. They are widely used by individuals and organisations across Australia as reading resources and as models for writing. 25 Stories is a selection of those works that have been republished and made available to download, free of charge from our website. Each story has been assigned an Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) level for reading and writing, and is presented here along with a worksheet to be used by adult learners in the classroom.

TasTAFE and TCAL wish to thank the original writers, illustrators, learners, teachers and publishers who have generously made these stories available for others to share. 26TEN and LINC Tasmania, part of the Tasmanian government, funded the project.