Upcoming Events

Five free day-long PD workshops from 26TEN

The first four focus on the ACSF – introductory and advanced in Devonport and Hobart and the fifth is a workshop on assessment.

27 August     Hobart          ACSF Intro              Harry Atkinson

7 Sept           Devonport    ACSF Intro              Harry Atkinson

17 Sept         Devonport    ACSF Advanced       Phillippa McLean

19 Sept         Hobart          LLN Assessment      Phillippa McLean

20 Sept         Hobart          ACSF Advanced       Phillippa McLean

More information is available at the professional development page of the 26TEN website.

There will be the opportunity for participants to request, prior to the workshop, for particular topics to be covered in the advanced ACSF and assessment workshops.