Working in an Online Environment – Webinar 1

Wednesday 14 September, 2022.

Welcome to the first of a short series of webinars designed to help you effectively use Zoom whether you are a novice or are well on the way to being an expert!

The purpose of this professional development is to prepare you for and/or improve the way you operate when teaching or tutoring in the online environment.

Our experienced facilitator, Frankie Forsyth, has been provided with the circumstances in which various adult literacy and numeracy practitioners use online learning and has taken this feedback on to design a webinar content that is relevant and practical. 

What can you expect to learn in these sessions? 

  • Frankie will be listening to the issues ‘in the room’ and responding to that in each session
  • Effective online facilitation/tool use in Zoom 
  • Identify strategies to ensure your participant’s engagement in the online environment.
  • How to create and manage break out rooms
  • How to share resources online and on paper resources in a Zoom session
  • Recognise good practice models and techniques in working online.
  • Choose appropriate Communication techniques.
  • Explore features of Zoom and other cool tools.