2011 TCAL Conference

TCAL Events

The TCAL Conference for 2011 was held on Saturday 1st October. Read information about the presenters as included in the conference programme, and view their presentations.

Jane Forward

Tasmanian Adult Literacy Action Plan – Where have we come from and where are we going?

Jane Forward is the Manager of Literacy Services with LINC Tasmania. Jane is leading the elements of the Tasmanian Adult Literacy Action Plan including the establishment of a state-wide literacy coordinator network.

$11m is being invested by the State Government in the Tasmanian Adult Literacy Action Plan 2010-2015 to raise community awareness of adult literacy and to provide a new community and workplace network of support for Tasmanians seeking to build their skills. This presentation will recap the action plan’s development, provide a snapshot of implementation thus far and offer a glimpse of what’s coming up next.

View Jane’s presentation (Note to Coco: Tasmanian Adult Literacy Action Plan presentation)

View the Tasmanian Adult Literacy Action plan

Jacqui Frew

What can we learn from the compulsory age sector?

Jacqui Frew has taught English and literacy in Tasmanian high schools and colleges for many years. She has also worked as a language consultant, curriculum developer and English syllabus writer for the Department of Education. She now works at New Town High as a literacy support teacher.

At New Town High School we aim to individualise our literacy tuition as much as possible for older boys. We focus on students’ interests, help them set meaningful goals and aim to get them involved in lifelong literacy activity. This presentation will outline strategies, resources and technology that we use.

View Jacqui’s presentation

Darlene McLennan

Accessing applications

Darlene McLennan has been the National Disability Coordination Officer (NDCO) for Northern Tasmania for the past six years. Darlene is excited by the potential of accessible technology supporting people to achieve more and gain greater confidence in their learning. This session aims to provide participants with a brief overview of the programs available within AccessApps and the confidence to explore the potential of using the programs with their students.

Renate Hughes

Steps to the future

Renate Hughes, who has a significant role in the Steps to the Future: Learning Pathways for Young Mothers project, will provide an overview of this innovative project that has been operating in Glenorchy for the past 18 months. The Steps to the Future (STF) project aims to provide positive, supported and flexible pathways to personal learning and development, formal training, work opportunities, and enhanced health literacy and wellbeing for young mothers and their children in Glenorchy.

The project has hosted over 40 sessions or programs aimed at supporting young mothers to access a range of learning opportunities to develop key competencies for life and work.


Alan Mills

Accessing LINC Tasmania audio books and other resources

Alan Mills is an experienced librarian who works in Reference and Online Services at LINC Tasmania. He is a highly skilled and enthusiastic trainer and is passionate about service delivery and promoting services and resources that address specific needs of individuals and group clients.

Alan’s presentation will inform us on how we can access many online resources from our home or office. There are databases, websites, newspapers and magazines. Audio and electronic books can be downloaded. Also, research and reference services can be accessed to find materials to support submissions.

Robyn McIlhenny

Getting to know the Enchanted Forest website

Robyn is a qualified teacher and librarian. She has worked with adult literacy students for over 20 years in the Polytechnic, both in classes and one-to-one. She has expertise in teaching students with intellectual disabilities. This workshop is a hands-on exploration of online resources. Help your student to improve their letter recognition skills, or write a letter of complaint, or simply have some fun with spelling games. It’s all there on Enchanted Learning and other educational sites.